Your vote for Frank can count when Straight Party Voting

You want to elect Frank Dillman, the best candidate to represent you in Macon County District 4, but you also want to fulfill your party's loyality with a Straight Party Ticket? No problem, you can do BOTH.

  • Yes, your vote for Frank Dillman and Straight Party Voting will be counted.
  • Upon receiving your ballot, first vote for Frank Dillman for District 4 County Commission.
  • And then ...
  • Mark your straight party box.
  • Simple enough to vote for the candidate of your choice and vote Straight Party.
  • Watch a video spontaneously shot by Adam Broach of East Alabama News in 2016 about Straight Party Voting. Judge of Probate and Chief Election Officer of Mobile County, Don Davis. speaks his mind, supported by law, as to how Straight Party Voting works and the consequences of doing so. .
  • You can have both and the cake.


For folks interested in facts....

Straight party voting remains in only nine states, Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas (HB 25 abolishment SPV in 2020), and Utah.

Many states have abolished SPV, Georgia 1994, Illinois 1997, Iowa 2017, Missouri 2006, New Hampshire 2007, New Mexico 2001, North Carolina 2014, Rhode Island 2015, South Dakota 1996, Wisconsin 2011, West Virginia 2015.