Who is Frank Dillman,
Candidate for
District 4 Macon County Commission?

Frank Dillman has been engaged in the Macon County Community politics since settling in with his family in 1990.

Growing up Frank Dillman for Chair, Macon County CommissionLevitttown, NY, Frank was a Boy Scout, earning Order of Arrow, ran track and Cross County for Island Trees High School until his graduation in 1966 when he enlisted into the Navy.

He served half of his 20 Navy years with the U.S. Marine Corps as their “Doc.

While in the Navy, Frank earned both his Associate Degree and his BachelFleet Marine Force Hospital Corpsmanor of Arts Degree in Health Care Administration taking courses at Navy and Marine Corps bases and on USS Forrestal sailing the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea.

During his service to his country and after his retirement, Frank never gave up his competitiveness to road race. He ran many marathons and road races in the Great Lakes region and Midwest, South, and East Coast, He was the first team finisher of the 1984 Navy Blue Angel Marathon Military Championship Team. He was also the race director for several road races in Volusia County, FL.

His bride of 52 years, Dorothea, and he has two adult children and five grandchildren.

Since U.S. Navy retirement in 1986, he expands his interest and exploration of local government daily.

He had been exempt from county mandatory garbage pickup since its inception. Only recently signed up because the tipping fees to the land fill continuously increased. He is passionate and has addressed the need for recycling to the commission on many occasions - deaf ears!.

Frank is a former member of the American Legion Post 140, the Lee County Voters League, an At-large member of the Libertarian Party of Lee County and Alabama Libertarian Party Executive Committee. He supports Notasulga Women In Network and local Boy Scouts.

The Alabama Libertarian Party has recognized Frank for his county and state activism for Initiative and Referendum with Life Time Membership and Igniting the Flame Award for Effective Campaigning for Public Office during the March 2019 state convention. Frank is the founder of LetBamaVote and has spoken of the right of citizens to place measures on our ballots across the State of Alabama.

Frank has stood and will continue to stand for the citizens of District 4 and Macon County. He will work WITH, yet not join the political fraternity that currently controls and is running this county into the ground. Actually, the poltical fraternity does not want Frank anywhere in the vicinity of themselves and the county puppeteers. He continuously stands up to the commission and the political process with confidence and knowledge of law.

Most candidates for public office gloss over their visions, however, to avoid any confusion where I have stood and will stand, my vision is laced with detail. To begin getting Macon County on its feet begins with TAR, Transparency, Accountability, and Responsibility.

Frank’s achievements:

• He pushed the county into a corner to publish a website.

together Macon County can

• He pushed the county into another corner for a public address system for citziens to hear the commisison.

• Still pushing, the county has a Facebook page, coming out of another corner.

• The County is streaming county public meetings because him.

• The county has Annex monitors to project documents to the public they are addressing from yet another corner..

• His passion moved/forced the county to implement an employee recognition program. Very difficult to accept that the county thought so little of their employees until Frank forced the Commission into another corner.

• Frank walks his dedication for transparency of government with his “encouragement” toward the county to publish county agendas and minutes and documents online, movement of morning-hour work sessions to the evenings, applying state law Frank probably possesses the sole copy of the entire FY2020 budget outside of the courthouse on his frankdillman.com along with more county documents than collectively throughout the world. .

• His common money and personal sense successfully pushed back inequality of support for the county-wide ambulance service from solely landowners to a 0.5% sales tax.

• Frank has been a relentless advocate for county-wide Broadband. He addressed the County Commission on numerous occassions. He met with the Dixie Electric Board of Trustees concerning a new law with Broadband grants to utility companies.

• The Tuskegee News hired Frank as a consultant to write on Notasulga and other areas of interest–particularly local politics until he moved on after five years. The Tuskegee News editor wrote of him, as a “ ‘a watchdog’ when it comes to expenditures of taxpayers’ money.” The editor went on to write, "Dillman does his research, especially when it comes to public officials traveling to various conventions ... Dillman doesn't "waiver." Frank believes government has its place and too often it exceeds its specific responsibilities and he will continue to work to return government to its rightful owners, We the People without compromising its constitutional obligations.

• His demand for best use of our government money drove him to lead a statewide campaign opposing a legislative referendum in Macon County Commission chamber2012 to extend Forever Wild for 20 years. Actively opposing new taxes and misuses of taken citizens’ wealth is in his DNA.

• Frank is the founder LetBamaVote for greater citizen engagement in state government. He travels the State of Alabama addressing the denied right of citizens not being able to place measures WE want on our ballots.

• He and 11 other activists across the state were thwarted by the State Alabama Supreme Court to require explanation from Senate Pro temp Del Marsh’s attempts to revise the state constitution unconstitutionally.

• He has testified before Alabama legislative committees on countless occassions.

• His views of personal property rights were instrumental in the Town of Notasulga turning back on their "Smart Growth" campaign.

• It is “we” not “I” or WE the people. .