Endorsements for District 4 Macon County Commission

  • Ms. Sheila H. Eckman, former Auburn City Council x 10 years and Lee County Commissioner x 8 years.
  • Mr. Spike Cohen, 2020 Libertarian Vice Presidental Candidate
  • Mr. Gavin Goodman, Chair, Libertarian Party of Alabama
  • Mr. John Sophocleus, 2022 Libertarian U.S. Senatorial Candidate, "Hope Macon County folks will support this good man in his efforts to bring some accountability, transparency and vision to this part of our State which has much to offer." 2018.
  • "Time for "Change." Time for a new county commissioner VOTE DILLMAN." Pam Allen, 2018
  • "I am endorsing Frank Dillman for Macon County Commissioner District 4.  I have known Mr. Dillman for many years now and during this time I have observed his continual efforts to improve Macon County for all citizens.  Mr. Dillman has served in our Armed Forces in the Navy and has retired with 20 years of service.  He is disciplined, understands government and how it should run efficiently, which will make him a great Macon County Commissioner. He is the only citizen of Macon County, that I know of, who has diligently attended almost every monthly Macon County Commission meeting, since he has been a resident of the county, along with the special session meetings that have been called from time to time. Mr. Dillman’s commitment to Macon County is unquestionable. Mr. Dillman provides not only a website, where all Macon County citizens can view information on Macon County Commission meetings to keep them informed, but he has personally invested money on video recording equipment to also record the meetings so the citizens of Macon County can now watch the meetings online. Mr. Dillman serves willing and has paid out of his own pocket for this public service, as well as providing other donated goods at annual Macon County Special Events. Mr. Dillman’s character and integrity speaks for itself and Mr. Dillman will be a great Macon County Commissioner.  Macon County needs someone of his caliber to stand up against the corruption in Macon County.  I believe in Frank Dillman and I will be casting my vote for Frank Dillman, Macon County Commission District 4." Linda Barresi, Macon County Resident District 4, 2018.
  • "Frank Dillman is a man who, like the founding fathers of this great nation, believes that the power belongs to the people. I firmly believe that Mr. Dillman will serve the people of Macon County and not a political agenda. Our government is taxing the people further into poverty and Frank Dillman is the person to lead the charge to undo so many wrongs that the Macon County Commission has thrust upon the people and businesses of Macon County. He is not afraid to tackle the issues and find a solution to minimize the economic impact on the citizens rather than try to pass legislation with out the best interests of the citizens of Macon County." Adam Broach, 2018.
  • "Good luck Frank! I grew up in Macon Co. what a breath [of] fresh air you would be on the commission" Alita C., 2018
  • Daniel Motors, 4012 Mobile Hwy, Montgomery, AL 36108, 334-284-3973, 2018
  • "East Alabama News endorses Frank Dillman for Macon County Commission District 4.  Over the past few years, we have come to know Mr. Dillman and believe he is the best person to lead District 4 in the right direction.  His views on proper stewardship of taxpayer dollars, transparency and maintaining an open and honest government are exactly what Macon County needs and deserves.  In a time where past administrations have raised taxes and created new taxes to make up for political shortfall, we believe Mr. Dillman will find a way to make things work without adding undue hardships of new and higher taxes on the poverty-stricken citizens of Macon County.  Mr. Dillman has been a voice of the people, fighting against things like pay raises in the form of a legislative created “expense fund” when in fact the county is nearly broke, the 2018 county budget has a 20% cut across the board, essentially taking money from the county employees and services.  It is in the opinion of EAN that Mr. Frank Dillman is the right candidate to lead District 4 in the right direction.  Mr. Dillman is an honest, hard working veteran of the US Armed Forces serving in Vietnam, we salute his dedication to our country and we know he will bring this dedication and high level of service to the Macon County Commission, which we desperately need." EAST Alabama News, 2018
  • "I have known Frank Dillman, Sr. for just two years. And during that short time realize Frank is devoted to educating people in governmental power. He is a man of integrity and character and possess impeccable leadership skills.  I have gained insight of accountability and transparency that I used as Mayor just by talking to him.  Good luck to you Frank."  James Grout, Past Mayor of Loachapoka and member of the Loachapoka United Methodist Church, 2018.
  • "I have known Frank Dillman for approximately eight years.  During that time I have observed him demonstrate impeccable leadership of senior members of various conservative organizations in thwarting the takeover of the Republican Party by RINO’s, and countering liberal efforts to undermine our Constitution.  I have served alongside Mr. Dillman through numerous pitched battles.  He is an excellent administrator, strong communicator, and as analytical as he is incisive. Mr. Dillman is a no nonsense individual who does not back down from a fight when the opponent is clearly wrong, even when faced with overwhelming odds.  I am proud to know Frank Dillman, and even more proud to refer to him as my friend. I heartily endorse Frank Dillman for Macon County Commission." Ronald R. Hei, Ph.D., Colonel, USAF (retired), 2018
  • "I have known Frank Dillman for a number of years and in all of those years, I have witnessed reasonableness, honesty and integrity. Frank is a man who believes in fairness and is willing to listen to sound reason, but also a man of conviction where needed. Out of all the people I have known in my life, few have possessed as much conviction, passion and determination for noble undertaking as has Frank Dillman. All of these qualities add up to one pertinent conclusion, Frank is the man for the job when corrective change is required. I believe Frank is right and ready for the job of District 4 Commissioner, and he deserves my highest endorsement for the role. I invite voters of Macon County to give him that opportunity -- I believe you'll be glad you did." Steven Hosch, Founder and Operation Director, T.E.A. Party TIME Network, 2018
  • "Funny how the poll workers for the Democratic Party in Macon County targeted only black people with those yellow sheets that the targeted blacks held like a political bible. I over heard them over 200 times saying you "have to" or "got to" hit the straight democratic ticket to not stand the chance of "missing" voting for Hilary Clinton. I also heard them advising that the only two amendments to worry about voting for were 4 and 14 as if blacks cannot read and analyze.
    1. Black people, this is a direct insult on your intelligence.
    2. This practice should be illegal.
    3. The uninformed voter dooms the rural black belt again.
    4. Independents like myself have to launch an all out attack intellectually on straight party voting and the disaster it causes.
    5. As I looked across the black belt this morning, quality and qualified independent candidates didn't get a look because of the straight party voting plantation's mental-chains. 
    Free your Mind; Free your Vote." Mario Hooks, 2016 independent candidate for Macon County District 4 school board, 2016.
  • Libertarian Party of Alabama, "We are excited to have Frank Dillman, founder of LetBamaVote and LetBamaVote.org run for office with us, 2018.
  • Libertarian Party of Alabama, "Frank Dillman will be giving the citizens of Macon County, Alabama, a refreshing choice on the ballot this November. Frank has fought long and hard in an effort to bring transparency, accountability, and fiscal responsibility to Macon County and is now taking that fight to the ballot box. We are honored to have him running as a Libertarian," 2018.
  • "Wish I was in his district to vote for him." Michael W., 2018.
  • "Wow, Thanks So Much For All That You Do Frank Dillman Sr. Awesome Job. Great Concern & Dedication For Communities & Fellow Citizens. Just Outstanding & Commendable." From my Facebook campaign page and in response to my coverage of county government meetings and scanned official county documents on http://frankdillman.com/macon-notes.htm, 2018.
  • "I have known Frank Dillman for seven or eight years and have found him to be a genuine patriot who is intelligent, caring, hard working, and honest.  I have always appreciated  his sense of fairness, justice, and just plain old common sense  He will be a “servant-leader” who believes in open government, transparency and accountability.  Frank Dillman will do all he can to insure your voices are heard and your tax dollars are spent wisely."  Betty Peters, Dothan, Alabama State Department of Education, District 2, 2018.
  • Wilhelminia Roberts, District 4 resident. Facebook/Macon County Commission, 29May2018. "Mr. Dillman I think your are a really nice, sincere and great spirited person. Spread it around, a great example."
  • "I have known Mr. Frank for probably going on five years now and I have never found him to be anything but the most honorable and dedicated citizen to be found. Frank cares dearly for his home in Macon County Alabama and he will go to any lengths to protect and defend the rights of not only the people of Macon County but the whole of Alabama. He is a man of impeccable integrity and a man you can trust. I worry about a lot of things but his sincerity and resolve is not on the list. Mike Shiver, 2018.