The Tuskegee News questions and my answers when I ran for District 4 in 2018 - my positions on these issues remain unchanged.

Q1. District 4 is one of four districts on the Macon County Commission. What issues are unique to District 4?

Ans. The school system, NHS being one of two high schools in the county, the county should actively support a greater emphasis on education and enrollment in trade schools and military when college is not their desire or option. Untapped knowledge of local history, Zora Neale, renowned author, Carmack Grocery in the 60’s, Macon County 365 authored by Macon County resident and historian Guy Trammel, prominent athletes, and Camp Watts for a sampling. Incorporating additional residential growth with the development and expansion of Auburn. I will encourage and support local historians as Trammel, Jimmy McGhar, Adam Broach, and others to speak before citizens on a scheduled monthly basis of Notasulga and our country histories.

Q2. As for Macon County, what are the key issues as you see them?

Ans. Better communication from and among county government, elected public servants, municipalities, county committees, community and Greek organizations, and citizens. A greater understanding and trust of local government. I believe an informed citizen is a better citizen, which will result in a more cohesive county. Road and Bridges. Required discussion and planning for recycling, litter free roads, and protection of our environment. Citizens deserve to know how our tax dollars are being utilized and permitted to monitor county plans and compliance with laws. Until we understand the extent and depth of our problems only then can corrective measures be implemented. Need for solicited citizen input. Restaurants, shopping, and entertainment, countywide transportation, and reliable high-speed internet access, such as Broadband to facilitate research and business collaboration with similar entities across the globe for economic development. Re-opening of Victory Land and 24-hour emergency health care.

Q3. Explain why you believe you are the best candidate to represent District 4 and Macon County?

Ans. As a 20-year veteran of USN and with USMC and 11 years with AU, my skill set includes knowing the importance for planning and follow-up, listening, have maintained sensitive documents including medical and personal files and budgets, decision-making, leaders of upwards to50 persons, and being responsible for expensive long-term research projects. I wrote a The Tuskegee News column for 5 years, missing one week. As a 30-year grass root activist, I appreciate Representing NOT Ruling citizens. I submit there is no substitute for accountability, responsibility, and transparency of government. I understand the importance of an economic driven community for new and growth of local business owners without government obstacles. I have written of and actively picked up road litter and donated money to “rent” prisoners and supervised them picking up litter, displaying a positive example. I have a statewide political campaign, LetBamaVote,. I have years of political diversity.

Q4. Mr. Dillman, you chose to run as a Libertarian, and Mr. Berry, you are a Democrat? Explain your party choices.

Ans. As a Libertarian candidate for District 4 Macon County Commission, I believe government has specific purposes; however, our Macon County Commission over reaches these purposes by lack of openness and wasteful spending of our tax dollars. Citizens have the right to be more engaged in our government such as being able to receive streaming of county meetings and being permitted to participate in our government by voting on taxes and elected public servant compensation. We believe Alabama’s non-violent sentencing guidelines disproportionally penalize young black males and the guidelines require revision. Support a re-examination of civil forfeiture laws. Both citizen and public servants have both personal responsibilities, yet elected public servants should conduct themselves to a higher standard to the law and themselves. Finally, we believe government should not be between doctors and their patients.