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I can not do this without you. Your donation will be GREATLY appreciated.

Your donation may be immediately and conveniently made  HERE.

For the campaign to receive your entire donation with no convenience fees, less a 10-cent bank deposit fee, please consider mailing your donation as a check to:

Frank Dillman for Chair Macon County Commission
2273 County Road 54 West
Notasulga, AL 36866

Thank you for your trust and support.


It is still not too late to register to vote, of which I hope you will vote for Frank Dillman. My biggest opponent will not my opponent but straight party voting. The truth be told, you can vote straight party (SPV) AND vote for me. Straight party voting fills in the boxes of positions you had not individually vote. Therefore, mark the box for me and your vote for me will count.

Macon County Register to Vote

The Secretary of State has made voter registration extremely easy and can be accomplished from your home with a cup of coffee or tea at your side. will get you registered to vote from the comfort of home or your local library.


Download the easy-to-complete voter registration form and hand-deliver it or mail it to the Registrar's Office, 101 Rosa Parks Ave Ste 100 Tuskegee 36083-1735.

The Secretary of State 2020 Alabama Voter Guide is everything you would want to know about voting in the 2020 election cycle.

Important dates to remember for 3Nov2020 General Election

  • 19Oct2020 - Voter Registration deadline.
  • 29Oct2020 - Last day for voter to make application for an absentee ballot.
  • 2Nov2020 - Last day for voter to hand-deliver or postmark an absentee ballot. (a)

(a) Except for persons casting absentee ballots pursuant to the Univiformed and Overseas Citizen Absentee Voting Act. See page 11 of Alabama 2020 Voter Guide.

REMEMBER a photo ID is required to vote in Alabama.

For further assistance contact Alabama Votes or Macon County Registrars at (334) 724-2617.

Print a copy of my campaign card and post on your refrigerator and bulletin boards about Macon County. At the minimum, point your Macon County friends and family members to this website and my campaign Face Book page. If you want change in Macon County, little things like this will have a positive impact toward the change.

Invite me to speak with your community group or association by email or calling 334-740-4217.

Get to know me and know that I will serve you to the best of my capabilities; I will walk your walk, having done so since 1990. Voting for me rather than straight ticket voting will set the tone, as you know, for much needed change in our Macon County government.

For those of you who are tired of the one-party Macon County and being denied a viable and open ballot, know competition strengthens both the winner and loser on any playing field or court. Politics is no different. Open debate of candidates before the public will strengthen all candidates, in particular sending a stronger and wiser person to office to represent you.