Macon County district map The map can be enlarged down the individual streets. Here is an alphabetical listing of District 4 streets. Please, if you live in District 4, I promise you, I will continue thinking and performing outside of the box, not for my personal benefit, but for District 4 and all Macon County citizens with common sense and compasion.If you live outside of District 4, my pledge remains solid to you as well as for your friends and family living within District 4. Therefore, it is imperative you share with your friends and family across Macon County that I, Frank Dillman, deserve their vote and trust, because most importantly, their trust in me is mutual.


I am not asking for money. However, your help by speaking with friends and family residing in District 4 is vital for OUR success. I can not do this without you.

Here is a flyer you can download, print both sided, and cut with a paper cutter or scissors yielding three flyers per page. .