Vote with YOUR Consciousness on Nov. 8, 2022, not as directed thereby minimizing your vote

Straight Ticket Voting (STV) signs are propagating themselves in the fertile soil of District 4, Macon County, Alabama with the intent to intimidate and bully voters and two candidates. To those signs and the puppeteers behind them, I counter voters should be encouraged to vote and to do so with their wallet, heart, mind, and research of each candidate because STV only strengthens the continued use of chains, meetings at inconvenient hours, hiding documents, violating law, citizen disrespect, and tyrannical behavior.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge,” Hosea 4:6.”

Al § 17-6-36. "Procedure to vote for one candidate not on party ticket. When only one candidate is to be elected to any office and the elector desires to vote for a candidate not on the straight party ticket, the elector may mark the name of the candidate for whom he or she desires to vote on the ballot."

Not Straight Ticket VotingYOU throw away your individuality, vision for the government YOU want, and common sense when voting Straight Ticket Voting (STV). The controlling county puppeteers and political frat boys will only strengthen their drive and thirst for more of your money, secrecy, and back door deals with STV.  The citizens, young and seniors, deserve the concept to “think differently together” with governance.  

By voting Macon County STV Democrat, your votes for the following positions are WASTED,:

  • GOVERNOR:  Ms. Flowers is a nice person, but not a funded and a viable candidate.  She is destined not to win for the lack of party support.  Your STV is a vote for Kay Ivey.  You have an OPTION on Nov. 8:  Vote for Libertarian Gubernatorial candidate, Dr. Jimmy Blake, Rumble
  • LT. GOVERNOR: There is NO Democrat candidate for Lt. Governor. The State Democrats sacrificed this position. A Democrat STV is a 100% wasted vote for the Republican incumbent. OPTION:  The Libertarian Party has a strong Lt. Governor candidate, Ruth Page-Nelson, who has addressed the Alabama ADC, and has worked with Mayor Haygood on a couple of projects.  
  • US SENATE: A Democrat STV will guarantee outgoing republican Richard Shelby’s protegee’s election. If you were disappointed with Shelby, expect the same from the republican candidate who worked in his national office and as a lobbyist!  OPTIONJohn Sophocleus as a Constitutionalist and Economist with a wide brush of knowledge will bring a new breath of fresh air to Washington, DC. Rumble.
  • ATTORNEY GENERAL:  From top, down, this would be the first viable democrat STV.  I have contributed and endorsed the democrat candidate, Wendell Major.
  • STATE SENATE 28:  Macon County voters rejected the incumbent in the recent primary overwhelmingly supporting Chris Lee. A democrat STV will negate the voice of the voters in the Macon County primary. There is NO republican in this race.  OPTION: Consider Libertarian David Boatwright, a young man and Marine who believes in your liberties and personal responsibilities.
  • HOUSE DISTRICT 82:  A democrat STV will reinstate the incumbent who has constructed a good resume and representation of District 82, however, time has come to build on that base with a different vision and new energies.
  • STATE TREASURER:  A democrat STV is wasted, there is NO democrat candidate on the statewide ballot, and will only favor the republican incumbent.  OPTION: Vote Libertarian Scott Hammond.
  • STATE AUDITOR:  Again, another democrat STV wasted vote because there is NO democrat on the ballot. OPTION: Libertarian Leigh LaChine.
  • COMMISSIONER OF AGRICULTURE AND INDUSTRIES:  NO democrat on the ballot; a democrat STV is for the republican incumbent.  OPTION:  Libertarian Jason Clark
  • PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION, PLACE 1: Once again, NO democrat on the ballot.  A democrat STV is for the republican incumbent. OPTION: Libertarian Ron Bishop.
  • PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION, PLACE 2:  Once again, NO democrat on the ballot.  A democrat STV is for the republican incumbent. OPTION: Libertarian Laura Lane, who impressed many citizens during her visit to TU last week for the Macon County Youth Council forum.
  • MACON COUNTY CORONER: Both candidates are Independents, therefore, a STV is useless and neither will receive a vote if STV!.
  • COUNTY COMMISSIONER, DISTRICT 2: The incumbent has a big heart but in over his head.  OPTION:  Write-in “Willie H. Boyd” on the line beneath the incumbent and FILL IN the bubble before his name in the box for District 2 County Commission AND your vote will COUNT. 
  • COUNTY COMMISSIONER, DISTRICT 4: One of the few positions where a democrat STV would register, however think about the 15+ year proven and public track record of Libertarian Frank Dillman. OPTION: Vote Frank Dillman
  • MACON COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION, DISTRICT 3: Unopposed! Ouch. A democrat STV will re-elect someone who has no reservations in spending your tax dollars on trips across the country, seeing more of the nation in a manner of two years than most citizens would see in a life time. Only $100 separated the incumbent from the highest spender of travel money during a study of school board travel several years back.  And that incumbent lost in the primary!  District 3 incumbent spent $13,200 on 10 trips in 3 years, money that should have been in the classroom not for travel to San Francisco, Boston, San Diego, Asheville, NC, and Destin, FL. Scroll to the table showing travel and expenditures on . OPTION: Write in someone, consider yourself. .
  • MACON COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION, DISTRICT 4: One of the few positions where a STV would be of value; deservingly so, is unopposed, and will do an outstanding job for District 4 children, school, and citizens. OPTION: Vote Sawanda Wilson (Byrd)

Remember, your vote is a secret, unless you share how you voted and Al. §17-6-36 enables voters voting STV to vote for anyone of their choice on the ballot, regardless of on their STV or not, by simply filling in the circle before their printed or write-in name.