Not sure if you can vote for me on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, here is the Macon County District 4 map. Polling centers beginning with 04 are in District 4. Remember, if you want more of the changes I am responsible for as a citizen from me as a commissioner, fill in the circle before my name if voting Straight Ticket Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or open ballot, your vote for me will count.

At 21:54 mins. into the April 6, 2023 Macon County special meeting, one can easily witness the constraints the chair has on the commissioners and his tyranncal behavior toward the citizen's knowledge of business presented before the commission. You can hear Frank Dillman commenting to Rosanna Smith, WSFA, to the lack of transparency in the county. EMA Director, Frank Lee, has yet another tough time serving the people of Macon County before the commission.

Frank Dillman providing areas of exemption from public records to the Macon County Commission, on the second day of Sunshine Week 2023, 13Mar2023.

Clint Boyd, US Army Retired and Macon County School Board member, addressing the commisison during the Feb 13, 2023 meeting as to lack of cooperation and openness of the commission in terms of communicating open county commissitee assignments

Frank Dillman addressing the commission during teh Feb 13, 2023 meeting as to open records pertaining to the $97,000 over payment to Probate Judge and Jan Fountain's lack of adherence of the Open Reocrds Act.

David Henderson, entrepreneur, The Tuskegee News columnist, health and fitness advisor, declared 2024 Macon County School Board At-Large candidate, and a life-time resident of Franklin strongly endorses and supports my platform and encourages District 4 voters to cast their votes for me on Nov 8, 2022. .

Ms. Monica in her chair swing, sez it all in a matter of seconds.

Jackie Yarborough of Notasulga endorses Frank Dillman for District 4 Macon County Commission.

Why to vote for me.

Life-long resident of Franklin, District 4 Macon County, Mr.Morris Tyson

Only forum of the campaign, the Macon Cunty Youth Council sponsored it. Thank you to the youth of our county.

Life long resident of Macon County, Jimmy McGhar, speaks to the voters of District 4

Your wealth is YOURS, not the county's

My time with the New South Coalition of Macon County via Zoom

County lack of compliance with laws.

Harvey Johnson dives deep into on goings in Macon County with videos and his analysis.

Endorsement from Marty Schelper, Founder and President of the Alabama Cannabis Coalition

Not the way OUR government should perform - Miles Robinson losing himself and I was removed from the meeting by the Sheriff

You are part of the problem - Fred Grey, Jr.

I fought the $4,800 pay raise all the way to the 2017 Alabama Legislature by submitting enough petitions to warrant this committee meeting.

April 11, 2022 my public comment, 25 documents for public records to the commission

Jan 22, 2022 my public comment before Macon County Commission concerning Judge Cooper's over payment

Sep 14, 2020 my removal from a county budget meeting for violation of Chairman's rule to not stream the meeting. According to the Chairman and Ms. Bridgett Grey, County Attorney, only the county has the county may stream meetings. Having missing meeting since May, I posted as a candidate for Chair, I intended to return to the meeting, in parciularly this budget meeting. Interesting listening to the chair give instructions to regular attendees as to this new seeting arrangment and Mr. Gandy wanting to be closer to the commision. Also, the county streams are through Chairman's Facebook page, thereby funneling viewers of the county meeting to his Facebook page where he is campaigning against me. County Commission Chairman does NOT set the rules for meetings! My lengthy absense was outside with the deputy, Ms. Grey who was singing the chairma's (her employer) "rules." The chairman violated my rights by touching my cell phone mounted on my tripod without my permission.

Jan 30, 2020 District 4 Democrat political forum where Revenue Commissioner stated he didnt know he worked for me and embarrassing Maxwell about his county compensation and the lack of open records, in particular the county budgets. Maxwell within a day or two emailed me the FY2020 budget and hand-delivered his January 7, 2020 pay stub at the next county meeting.

My statewide campaign for citizens' greater access to our government when our government fails us.