Noteworthy and Interesting Stuff

As many of you know, I have been denied multiple times for assorted public documents by the County Commission, in particular Chairman Maxwell.

Earlier today, 23May2018, a letter of mine on was found by my "Dillman" Google Alert. How cool is that? How it was found and placed on TheWinnerys site is beyond me but much appreciated. And to have it subsequently discovered by Google is unbelievable.

The letter is requesing the street address where Chairman of the Macon County Commission (AL) Louis Maxwell made purchases using OUR county-issued fuel card.

This letter with many other Open Record Requests, including a copy of the Mascon County 2018 budget which was approved in September of 2017, remain unfilled.

The commission last year felt empowered to suddenly begin charging for their research time and cost of paper as permitted by law. In my opinion, the observations of the commissioners' body language, spoken words, and actions tell the story of their intent being more of ensuring the secrecy the government finds necessary to hide behind and directly slowing down requests for county documents.

Reinforcing my position is the county policy for the office I use, unlike the only other source of public documents, is $1.00/page, regardless if a paper or electronic copy.