Proactive Government

open Macon County Alabama government Encouraging and providing citizens a greater involvement in their government’s planning is crucial for a vigorous society.

The county possesses a website, large screen TV’s in the Annex, publishes meeting agendas and minutes on-line, and has begun streaming county meetings, hosting evening meetings, and has an employee recognition program with my signature on each.

These changes to government came about personal perseverance, as government prefers to be in the driver’s seat.

OUR county manuals, ordinances, and documents will be conveniently on-line for free, such as the bottom of Macon County page.

Presentations before OUR County Commission will be in Power Point for projection on the two Annex monitors so attendees may follow along, as contrasted to ONLY staff and the commission having handouts.

All county commission meetings, less emergency meetings, in particular annual budget and "continuation" meetings will be in the evening to accommodate most residents, not government.

Appointed employees will be encouraged and permitted to perform their duties without overbearing of government.

I will publish on-line County Commission meeting agendas at least two work days before the session for residents’ awareness and promoted participation.

Agendas for the frequent “continuation” meetings will be the same as the parent meeting with the addition of its new business. Continuation meetings will not be utilized to evade the public.

I will publish on-line contact information for members of the many county committees, thereby affording citizens ready connection to their representatives. These committees perform county work and provide input to the county for their planning.

An on-line perpetual calendar will be created to include all government closures, projected road closures, county and committee meeting dates, times, and locations, county government and community events.

Committee chairs, a representative of the TU student government, and county elected and key public servants will address the commission and public annually. This connection will present the accomplishments and difficulties of the preceding year and objectives for the approaching year to keep everyone on the same page of working together and planning.

My concerns for financial and well-being of Macon County residents are in my DNA.

Mr. John Sophocleus, formerly of Auburn University and a writer for the Alabama Gazette wrote “Frank Dillman…accepted the big and all-powerful actions of the commission for years. After observing the level of secrecy in Macon county government, use of public funds, and receiving tips from employees into activities at the county shop, Frank took a stand and has been a noted fixture at county commission meetings and [a former] writer for the Tuskegee News. This current iteration of laws ignored/suspended at the expense of taxpaying citizens begins July 2015. Dillman submitted (when the county had no stated policy) an Open Records Request for street addresses where Chairman Louis Maxwell purchased fuel using his county issued gas card. Multiple letters mailed and read during commission meetings resulted in Maxwell responding, “I am not worried,” seemingly insulated from law.”

As Chair, I will bring to practice recognizing and appreciating citizens’ intelligence and passion for reform. I will continue representing people to county government as contrasted to the present arrangement of representing government to you, your family members, and friends.

All county meetings will be on an on-line county-wide perpetual calendar.

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