Jobs With Good Salary and Benefits

Mom and pops and corporate jobs, are vital to OUR county. I will ensure the county is attractive, inviting, and on financially sound footing to show case our resources, historical attractions, and work force to new residential and commercial prospects.

Mom and pop businesses will be encouraged and supported as compared requiring them to jump through bureaucratic hoops.

Working with the Macon County Economic Development Board, business community, and stakeholders are vital to advancing ourselves. And it must be ourselves, because only we are responsible for ourselves.

A job market dominated with service jobs is not self-sustaining for increased socioeconomics. Macon County must continue to reverse the projection of losing hundreds of citizens per year to attract more of our youth, TU professors, business owners, and professionals to live and shop with us in Macon County.

Something to ponder. What would you think of a citizen/business committee selecting an annual graduating high school student for a scholarship to Tuskegee University with a contract to bring their business vision to fruition to Macon County after graduation? Has anyone sat down with the Board of Trustees and Chamber to this end? I will.

We must do a better job with our job market!

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