Informed Citizens

permit Macon County citizens their vote Is Macon County headed in the right direction? You decide on November 3, 2020.

OUR government's purpose is to represent, serve, and protect OUR rights, not force itself on residents, visitors, and travelers.

All commission and appointed committee meetings shall accommodate and encourage citizens to provide advice and ask questions of OUR government.

Government will voluntarily disclose its business and not compel individuals to physically attend meetings for that knowledge. Increased meeting attendance–in person or via stream or Zoom, will contribute to an informed citizen base of those in office and the direction of the county.

Toward the direction of an informed citizen base, OUR new administration will promote a stronger citizen voice.

Greater awareness of OUR county’s business and plans will encourage voters to be active in day to day activities, attend candidate forums, and vote their conscious for the candidates possessing their interests and point of view.

OUR ballots are OUR ballots and will be employed as such. I will work toward citizens declaring the results of bond issues, appointed and elected public servants' salary and benefits, raised taxes. Citizens will have greater access and participation in our county's decision making process.

Citizens will understand their right to petition county government for ballot measures on important issues when the commission cannot address them. Yes, each of you hold this right!

Citizens will be able to address their representatives during public comment, which generally takes place before the meeting is convened.

In instances where citizens are not able to address items added to the agenda AFTER public comment shall have public comment immediately prior to the adjournment thereby benefiting citizens and government alike.

As your Chair, residents will be more knowledgeable of OUR county organization and business and encouraged to be part in OUR government to their desired level of activity.

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