Informed Citizens

Our government serves us and meetings should be accommodating for citizens, which often is not met with permit Macon County citizens their vote continuation morning meetings. I will work to keep District 4 citizens informed as I have done for nearly a decade. Informed citizens feel confident and comfortable voting for the best candidate as compared to being told how to vote. Citizens want to be more engaged in our county government and I will work toward giving voters a greater opportunity to take that first step.

Informed voters are important and valuable, such as the victor between David Yancey (R) and Shelly Simmons (D) was settled by a straw with Yancy winning.

The timing and county is ready for the county meetings to be streamed on to all electronic devices for our citizens to view at their convenience as well as archived recordings. I am confident I will be able to find a person or company in a joint government/private arrangement to professorially stream those meetings as Adam Boarch of East Alabama News has frequently provided using his own equipment and time.

New and increases in taxation, in fairness to the citizens picking up the tab, deserve a vote on the additional financial burden.

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