Fiscal Accountability

I will not forget that every dollar in the county coffers is directly from you, the taxpayer. I will oppose taxes as the easy way out in lieu of tough choices. I will spend your tax dollars, as if coming directly from my wallet,broke piggybank including voting against expensive "Ultimate Gold watches" to political buddies, see doc1, doc2, and doc3 and "Great Give-Away." I fail to see the reasoning,other than a political favor in providing a pay raise to a "public servant" within 18 months of retirement and the raise to a salary of 108,000 per year. Macon County tax payers and businesses will be on the hook for these political favors effecting our contributions to their retirement benefits into eternity. I will NOT accept the $4,800/year recent pay raise our county commissioner accepted. I WILL donate the money, after taxes, to District 4 charities and extra-curricula school clubs.

It is important to note, when discussing these highly paid public servants and their retirement "Ultimate Gold Watches," the per capita income of Macon County residents is $17,000 per year and at that many work two jobs for their family's survival. There is something terribly wrong with this picture.

  • If a tax is needed to be increased or put into place, I will be firm in my vote to give citizens of District 4 and the remainder of the county to vote on the tax.

  • I will ensure the commissioners and public understand the relationship of a friendly business environment and the local economy including the re-examination of the county wide Business License Privilege Fee. A letter of mine to the Tuskegee News challenged the excessive taxation by our county and state.
  •'s Jordan Laporta reinforced the dangers of high sales taxes, to a point stating "High sales taxes can be a deterrent to commerce in a given region both on the supply and demand side." Moreover, quoting the Tax Foundation in Laporta's column, “While many factors influence business location and investment decisions, sales taxes are something within policy makers’ control that can have immediate impacts.”
  • As a steward of your valued dollars, I want only the county vehicles deemed absolutely necessary to be driven home in the evenings. I will request monthly mileage reports of all on-road county vehicles - and why not? Citizens deserve to know this figures and how it effects the use of your tax dollars.
  • With the new found revenue from the Amazon Tax, the idea of reducing personal and business taxes is worthy of exploration.

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