Fiscal Accountability

I will not overlook that every dollar in the county coffers has been drawn from you, the taxpayer and then I will oppose taxes as the quiet way out of tight situations. The county will use your tax money as if my wallet is open.

Opposing expensive "Ultimate Gold watches" for political cronies, such as doc1, doc2, and doc3 lack honesty and common sense when the county can least afford them but somehow always wiggles and again requires more revenue.

I will remember the salaries of our elected public servants in relationship to the county’s per capita income of $17,000 or $18,000 depending on the source. There is something improper with the your part-time combroke piggybankmissioners making 40% more and the chair over three times the county per capita income.

After taxes, I will donate the self-serving $4,800/year pay raise accepted by the Chair to school clubs to support those scholars to further their learning in fields of interest and activities.

Other than a political favor, I fail to understand the rationale to give $4,800 pay hike to a "public servant" within 18 months of retirement raising his salary to $108,000. Under my leadership, Macon County taxpayers and businesses will not be on the hook for political favors increasing their retirement benefits into eternity.

Double dipping produces an economic hardship to the taxpayer and I will do my best it is ended.

If we require additional taxes, I will keep citizens apprised of the process and move to permit voters a place at the table with their vote. The ballot is OURS and will be employed accordingly.

The county-wide mandated Business License Privlege (extortion) Fee is a disincentive to new businesses, which is needed. Not all counties have a county- wide Business “Privlege” Fee and thus some businesses go to a nearby county.

I will continue working to have the Fee rolled back or canceled for the greater good of OUR revenue stream.

I suspect the county’s part of on-line user fees and sales tax are higher than OUR generated tax amounts prior to “Amazon” Tax. If so, an analysis will show where and how the additional funds are being spent.

The entire budget will be on-line for public inspection and discussion.'s Jordan Laporta reinforced the dangers of high sales taxes, to a position stating "High sales taxes can be a deterrent to commerce in a given region both on the supply and demand side." Quoting the Tax Foundation in Laporta's column, “While many factors influence business location and investment decisions, sales taxes are something within policy makers’ control that can have immediate impacts.”

The county will stop most, if not all, county vehicles from not being on county property after working hours. Think of the savings of maintenance, fuel, insurance, and repair costs of not permitted upwards to 17 county vehicles to go home in the evenings and on weekends.

As Chair, you will notice that each of your tax dollars seem to come from my wallet.

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