OUR Environment

OUR county will begin to recognize and take action to protect our sensitive environment. 

I have seen OUR county ignore OUR environment by not recycling and avoiding the public discussion for a voluntarily recycling county program. Statistics and statements in the 2015 Macon County Solid Waste Management Plan unequivalently demrecycling platform for Frank Dillman for District 4 Macon County Commissiononstrate the commission's lack of interest to protect our sensitive environment.

I have recycled my household garbage since 1986 and feel the gratification of protecting our environment, you have not, nor will see, a garbage can in the front of my home.

As Chair, the county will consult and partner with citizens presently engaged in a cleaner and healthier environment such as Lenora Goode with Tuskegee Clean City/Beautification Commission, which is working to keep our public areas litter free, and Tuskegee graduate Carl Morgan CEO of I.N.K for a permanent recycling county/business partnership.    

Macon County will also have assistance from East Alabama Recycling Partnership (EARP) and Alabama Department of Environmental Management, simply for the asking. I was a member of the organization and participated in the naming of it as EARP to ensure Macon County was eligible for partnership - and we will.

I will push hard for an Electronic Recycling day (E-day) for unwanted electronics and appliances and paper shredding to be hosted within Macon County, similar to EARP and the Keep Opelika Beautiful.

First, Macon County government must first understand the value of protecting our environment and begin recycling. Currently, the county recycling NOTHINGIllegal dump. No paper, plastics, cardboard, aluminum cans.

Recycling and increased county awareness and involvement to eliminate littering of highways and other public land will result in a beautified county for residents and prospective business owners to be proud to live and visit here. There will be a marked reduction of overflowing garbage cans in front of houses.

Individuals littering our public spaces will have their day in court with expectations of community service of picking up litter wearing a reflective printed vest with “I littered don’t you” in lieu of fines. 

Not that far into our past, Macon County nearly was the home to a huge hole in the ground for a landfill. We do not deserve to put our garbage into anyone's boundaries. We dump on them and they dump on us when it their turn. This is where our garbage has been going since 2002. With a life expectancy of about 40 years, do you want this in OUR Macon County. It is OUR choice, no one will come to our rescue when this landfill is full.

People care. It is incumbent upon leaders to directly and honestly speak to important issues and citizens will understand and come on board.

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