County Planning

population Macon County graph

George Washington Carver said, "A man without vision is a man without hope." His comment is appropiate to OUR Macon County government.

It is concerning having an expensive long-range plan collecting dust in the courthouse. Macon County has been bleeding young energetic professionals and retirees since the 80s. Without planning, implementation, and never-ending review, we will continue to be drained of OUR valuable citizens. Government needs (wants) continue regardless of a decreasing population.

However, a greater tax burden is placed upon those remaining when government obligations is not proportionately decreased.

OUR population is aging, planning MUST consider demographic shifts.

Having the confidence that elected public servants know and will act best for us and our geographic area is a faulty assertion. Need action to instill confidence!

The four who temporarily occupy the county commission DO NOT have all the answers, nor will I. However, I know OUR citizens have the solutions to OUR problems by living the reality every day, just ask them.

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