Communication is vital to Macon County's future

Here in Macon County we have legitimate questions of OUR roads, lack of shopping and restaurants, safety, and schools.

To address these concerns there must be continuous open communication up and down the county government structure. We The People in our daily jobs have a much greater understanding of our hardships, desires, and lack of adequate socio-economics than those 5 sitting behind the dais.

Guest columns to The Tuskegee News, use of our local radio stations, and maybe a annual county newsletter with the property tax notices enclosed to save postage shall be considered and utilized. So many venues are available to communicate with the citizens, and they will be used.

We the citizens are the cross section of our county, not those five believing they have all of the knowledge, energy, and answers.

I am infuriated when I hear an elected public servant declare an issue is "complicated" only wanting to keep their knowledge and decision-making processes from the people.

No one person in this county knows the extent and breath of our problems. I propose an ad hoc committee of volunteers, not appointees being an extension of the appointing commission, to have access to the entire county and all elected and key public servants to determine the extent of our problems. Once they have concluded as much as they are able to do so, then a second committee with the same fashion of members come together to begin strategies to solve those problems.

As the Chair, County Commission I will invite the School Superintendent, Revenue Commissioner, Probate Judge, Sheriff, a representative of the TU student government and county committee chairs to speak annually before the commission and audience providing their last year successes and difficulties and goals and objectives for the forthcoming year.

I have heard Shorter Mayor Powell state a couple of times that there is no communication within and out of the county government. I know of a department head and another who did not know of a county annual budget meeting the day before the meeting. In fact they did not have a copy of the proposed budget. Consider that for a few minutes. It is not because we have a staff of hundreds. Our communication problems will be resolved.

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