Cell phone and Internet Service is Unreliable

Cell phone towers Disstrict 4 Macon County CommissionIt is all about safety.

Rural residents need dependable cell phone and internet services more than those living in towns or a city where neighbors and friends may be a yell away.

In rural areas we must be confident knowing the limited time we have to make an emergency call to the fire department, EMT, or police department will connect from within the home or other buildings and throughout the county. Too many rural residents must step outside to get the reception they need to not have their call dropped, and even then there is no guarantee for a good connection. .

This Google map shows cell phone coverage along I85 for travelers and many around Tuskegee. However, a huge void exists of cell towers and thereby reliable coverage from Loachapoka to Hwy 49, including the Town of Notasulga..


The cell and internet companies have not kept pace with our growth. The providers are happy to accept our monthly payments fully knowing they lack competition. Therefore, without competition, why invest in infrastructure where the payments are collected?

I have addressed the safety concern of the poor cell and internet coverage about Notasulga to the Emergency Management Director and the county commission. I will continue to work until each of us have reliable service across our county.