Macon County Alabama collage
Did you know?
  • Change your vote, vote for change- vote for
    Frank Dillman
  • 2017, my opponent fought hard all the way to the state house for a pay raise without our vote!
  • 2015, my opponent wanted a 5¢ county-wide fuel tax, a rental tax, and a stronger occupational tax.
  • 2011, my opponent voted for the county wide Business Privilege Fee.
  • Macon County has lost 20% of our population since 1980 and is projected to lose the most through 2040 of all counties.
  • Nearly 1 in 3 of our neighbors live in poverty, while our commissioner enjoys his recent pay raise, without your vote.
  • 100% of our students are eligible for free government lunches.
  • Macon County's Apr. 2017 unemployment was 5.6%.

Elect Frank Dillman for Macon County Commission Chairman

Election Day, November 6, 2018, will be the beginning of change in Macon County
Want to register to vote, visit Alabama Secretary of State today.

Are you able to Vote for Change in Macon County open the district map District 4 Macon County Commission Alabama

Vote for Change...
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...Change your Vote
Do You Believe,
  • our county taxes are a problem?
  • our young people are taking their dreams, aspirations, professional skills, and family with them because of lack of corporate jobs?
  • our roads are dangerous with pot holes, cracked pavement, and litter?
  • the county has a spending problem with our tax money?
  • small businesses, the financial backbone of Macon County, should be welcome?
  • Macon County is in need of elected public servant with integrity and competence?
  • our career politicians should listen and learn from us, the citizens?
  • when presented all of the facts, you will be able to intelligently vote on more county business.
  • you would like to be more involved in our county government if more convenient for you?

If you answered "yes" to one or more of the questions, YOU TOO are looking for positive change.

Our commissioners do not know or care to understand money in any form taken from us is actually detrimental to our community. However, it makes them feel powerful, purposeful and good at our expense. It is all in a Economics 101.

Why are people not staying in Macon County? Without a doubt the elected public servants continue to fail us. Charles Barkley has said more than once, blacks have not benefitted by voting solely democrat. Herschel Walker too is not favorable of the democrat platform for presidency. New ideas, energies, and visions are vital to the successes of corporate and governmental entities. Without them, we see what we have in Macon County.

At 69 years of age and having witnessed first hand how our county commission operates, I am willing to stand up for you for a better Macon County government. So much can and should be done, often costing little or nothing. I enjoy conducting my research into the county and sharing my discoveries with those who may not be able to attend county meetings or do not have the interest in county government as I do.

I will serve Macon County using experiences of my 20 years of Navy service, half serving the Marine Corps as their "Doc." My 11 years working and assisting Auburn University Poultry Science students, and my many years of watching and fighting our county government are my strengths.

I will serve you. You will not serve me with "political entitlements" and state retirement benefits.