• I have seen the county ignore our environment by not setting the example of recycling and avoiding the public discussion for a voluntarily recycling county program. Statistics and statements in the 2015 Macon County Solid Waste Management Plan unequivalentlyrecycling platform for Frank Dillman for District 4 Macon County Commission demonstrate the commission's lack of interest to protect our sensitive environment.

    I have recycled my household garbage since 1986 and feel the gratification of protecting our environment.

    I will use my contacts with East Alabama Recycling Partnership, EARP, an recognized and honored statewide community service, to advise and assist in the development of our county's recycling efforts.

    I will push hard for an Electronic Recycling day (E-day) for unwanted electronics and appliances and paper shredding to be hosted within Macon County, similar to Lee County.

    First, Macon County government must set the example and begin recycling. Currently, the county recycling NOTHING.

  • Garbage collection, recycling, and increased county involvement to eliminate littering of highways and other public land will result in a beautified county for residents and prospective business owners to be proud to live and visit here.

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