County Manager v. County Chairman

We must critically evaluate our leadership for someone educated with practical experience for the county's chosen direction. The legislative delegation must sponsor the change in the form of county manager Macon County Alabama government to become law. The county/county manager relationship would be similar to the City of Tuskegee and their city manager and the school board with our superintendent working at the pleasure of the elected school board. A county manager would replace the countrywide elected chair position. By appointing a county manger, politics would be somewhat removed from most of his decisions. Additionally, the county can interview and select the candidate possessing the desired education and experience to move the county out of our doldrums. The remainder of the plan, would eliminate the elected chairman position, providing most of his salary to the appointed county manager and rotate every year a district commissioner to chair to conduct county meetings and represent the county. The commissioner/chair is deserving of additional $3K to $4K per year. Citizens deserve a vote on the final plan.

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